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Ep. 25 From Dangerous Disastrous Dysfunction to Destiny

Ep. 25 From Dangerous Disastrous Dysfunction to Destiny

February 12, 2021

Episode 25: Dr. Stephanie talks to the International speaker, author and Elder Kimberly Speights about how she had to get stripped down to her barest self to be able to see how dysfunctional she was. She explains the journey of how God took that dysfunction and showed her that she was destined for greatness. She has lived a colorful life and shares her raw story with women wherever she goes. When you hear what she has to say you will be blown away by her openness, candor and heart for people. It is easy to see why she touches so many hearts. Kimberly Speights is the epitome of "I don't look like what I've been through." As a woman with a tumultuous past, intertwined with with drugs, sex, and money , she was given another chance by God. This chance allowed he to come out of despair and into destiny. She has used her testimony to pull others out of dangerous lifestyles and mindsets. As the Founder & Executive Director of "Empowered to Overcome, Inc." she purposely pours back into the community and has a no-nonsense approach. She uses transparency to bring real healing and deliverance. She is currently pursuing her Masters Degree in Christian Counseling and has graced many platforms across the country. She is a mother and wife, while injecting the masses with renewed mindsets and hope. As a published author, her book title is this week's topic - "From Dangerous Disastrous Dysfunction to Destiny! "Empowered To Overcome Inc 888-512-6706 Ext. 101

Ep 24: The Pain is Real but the Promise is Eternal

Ep 24: The Pain is Real but the Promise is Eternal

February 4, 2021

Episode 24: Dr. Stephanie talks to the amazing Whitney Hogans aka about the topic that just so happens to be the title of her bestselling book "The Pain is Real But the Promise is Eternal: What To Do When God's Will Hurts" Whitney is wise beyond her years and truly has the ear of God. But she is so authentic and transparent about her pain and suffering which draws people to her. From being a young widow to raising a child with autism to trying to date, she keeps it real. She  has amassed quite the following through her books, her Radio show and now her publishing company. Sometimes we don't get the yes that we want from God and it can shake us to our core; do we become bitter and rebellious or do we cry out and cling to Him until we receive peace no matter how long that takes? Affectionately known as "Whitney J," this Mother, Best Selling Author, Radio Personality, Entrepreneur, and Motivational Speaker is doing one thing - chasing after God's heart. On that path, she has published a best seller on Amazon. She holds an Associate of Arts degree in Ethics from Mid America Christian University, a Bachelor of Science degree in Special Education (Interdisciplinary Studies) from Liberty University, and a Master of Arts degree in Leadership in Teaching from Notre Dame of Maryland University.

Ep 23: Troubled  Past to a Triumphant Future

Ep 23: Troubled Past to a Triumphant Future

January 28, 2021

Episode 23: Have you ever been mesmerized by someone and thought to yourself, “Is she even human”? Well that is how Dr. Stephanie felt during this interview. Her guest Lorrine Patterson has every reason to be bitter and bruised after all that she has endured in her life but instead she is the brightest light. If you want some encouragement and inspiration and drama then you must check out this interview as they discuss Lorrine’s upcoming book “Freeing Your Heart for Love”

When you think of abusive relationships, depression, and suicide, you probably wouldn't think of Lorrine Patterson. The truth is that she looks NOTHING like what she's been through, but her perseverance is undeniable. This Guam native grew up in Hawaii then moved to California after her parents divorced. With an MBA from the University of Phoenix, she's well versed within the hotel industry and property management sector. The things she has endured in life led her to becoming an author. Her first book, "Freeing Your Heart for Love," is a memoir that has ushered healing, wholeness, and courage into the lives of many.

Facebook:  @writingismykismet
Instagram:  @writingismykismet
Twitter: @lpismykismet
LinkedIn: Lorrine Patterson

Episode 22: Goal setting in Life, Health & the New Year

Episode 22: Goal setting in Life, Health & the New Year

January 21, 2021

On Episode 22 Dr. Stephanie is joined by the amazing Sheranda Campbell to discuss goal setting, but this isn't your garden variety goal setting, they go deep. Girl, its time to get your goals together! Sheranda has mastered setting goals and lost a whopping 75 lbs in just over a year by setting some powerful goals and following through with action steps. If you have life goals, health goals or New Year's goals, this podcast will leave you with some pearls of wisdom and insight to help you achieve them. 

You may have a goal to be healthy, or you may want wealth. Some want success while others are looking for love. But no matter what your goal is, it's important to plan and prepare. We will touch on all types of goals and what it really takes to stick to them. Sheranda Campbell has a story to tell.  Receiving her Health Certification from the MacDonald Center for Obesity Prevention and Education (Villanova University), this health coach helps her clients set, track, and achieve their health goals. From nutrition to hydration, sleep to exercise, and even mindset - she prepares you for the entire journey. Not to mention that since October 2019, Sheranda has lost about 75 pounds and helped more than 50 families, friends, and referrals work towards their health goals. Find out more about her story, how she serves Jack and Jill, and her journey as a mother

Facebook: Sheranda Campbell

IG: @daughterofthestars

Episode 21: What would you tell your 20 year old  self?

Episode 21: What would you tell your 20 year old self?

January 13, 2021

On Episode 21, Dr. Stephanie hooks up with the dynamic duo podcast hosts of "Girrrl ...Can I Ask You Something" podcast to answer the question, "What would I tell my 20 year old self?". Have you ever wondered why some young women know how much sexual power they have at a young age and have men eating out of their hands while other young women think they have to do things to make themselves worthy of a suitor's affection. Well, wonder no more because Rhumel, Twanda and Dr. Stephanie explore this topic amongst others with self-reflection, revelation and of course the infectious laughter that you expect from the "Girrrrl...Can I Ask You Something " podcast hosts. If you want to have a good time and heal your inner child all at the same time, then you picked the right podcast to listen to. Oh yeah, we also touch on mother-daughter relationships, self worth, sex and perfectionism. 

Rhumel Anderson and Twanda Baker are long time friends who have been married to their respective husbands for over 20 years, have teenage and young adult kids, careers, and so many questions about everything. When they realized their often-used-phrase " Girrrl...Can I Ask You Something?" sparked hours of fun conversations with others in the form of a laughter-rich podcast. In each episode, the "Girrl...Can I Ask You Something?" podcast showcases sisterhood, celebrating their accomplishments, sharing their challenges, and encouraging their dreams. 


Episode 20: Fierce Vulnerability

Episode 20: Fierce Vulnerability

January 6, 2021

In Episode 20, Dr. Stephanie is joined by Master Coach, bestselling author, international speaker Sophia Casey. The topic focuses around the title of her amazon best selling book Fierce Vulnerability: A Colored Girl’s Truths, Trials, and Triumphs.  This conversation forces us to get real by asking ourselves "Are you willing?" All too often, we are eager to celebrate the fierceness in ourselves and in our sisters, but what about the vulnerability. They do go hand in hand you know. Are we willing to admit that we are struggling, that we need help? As they discuss the characters in the book and their challenges like being a  career powerhouse but attracting lovers who don't love them it stops being about the fictional characters and starts being about us as women and specifically Black women. We can learn how to lay down our shield and take the mask off and experience the freedom and expansion that comes from it, Sophia tells us how in her epic book. Fierce Vulnerability is not just a book, its a movement. We invite you to join the movement. Sophia is currently hosting a virtual book tour and summit. Check out her Facebook ( Link below) page for details. This is just part 1 of a series of Fierce Vulnerability books and HOT off the presses, this story is being  made into a MOVIE!

Sophia is passionate about life-long learning evidenced by her more than 25 years in the learning and education field and creation of the Ease & Flow Academy for leaders.  Sophia received her education at UCLA and Johns Hopkins and is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated.  She is a featured voice on Amazon Alexa, and has been featured in SUCCESS magazine, and interviewed on several radio programs including SiriusXM, WHUR (DC), WRNR (MD).

In 2017, Sophia faced a major crisis in her life that would forever change it. Her husband experienced a traumatic brain injury which sent her family into a world wind of challenges.  Sophia found solace through journaling and subsequently created the very popular Ease & Flow Journal: A 31-Day Journal to Get Clear, Connected, and Courageous About Life. The journal includes daily structures to help you focus on your most important tasks, move your goals forward, practice self-care, and practice gratitude.


Sophia’s joys are traveling with her husband, spending time learning from her son, and fundraising to help eradicate breast cancer and eliminate hunger. Her vision is to travel the world speaking and sharing her Leadership, Ownership & Accountability (LOA) program, launching her television show and continuing to create products and services to help others fully embrace their power with ease and flow.


Ep 19: Blended Beyond Expectation

Ep 19: Blended Beyond Expectation

December 30, 2020

In Episode 19, Dr. Naomi L. Hill-Hugh puts her heart on display as they talk about her new book entitled "Blended Beyond Expectation" This conversation is not just for people who are a part of a blended family but for every woman and man who has experienced, love, pain, loss and grief. The book is on its way to becoming a bestseller and this conversation is healing hearts. Listen in on this intimate chat amongst friends as they share lessons learned on this journey of blended families and how to make it through the valleys. Dr. Naomi L. Hill-Hugh is an anointed woman who earned a Bachelor of Science Degree from Rutgers University - Douglass College in 1989. In 1996, her childhood dream became a reality when she received her Doctor of Medicine Degree from Howard University College of Medicine. Currently, she holds an unrestricted license to practice medicine in the state of New Jersey - and she is living an unrestricted life, ordained by God! To some she is a pediatrician, to others a deaconess. To some, she's mother - and to one, she is a wife on fire. This author and trusted voice is going to discuss the beauty and challenges of blended families.

FB: Naomi L Hill Hugh MD


Episode 18: Non-conforming: Do we have to fit in to be included?

Episode 18: Non-conforming: Do we have to fit in to be included?

December 16, 2020

Episode 18: Dr. Stephanie has a frank conversation about is there enough room at the table for all of our sisters. Her special guest is recording artist, writer activist and long time organizer in the bisexual and polyamory community, Robin Renee. The conversation clarifies some myths about the polyamorous and bisexual communities and explores how we can expand our circle of sisterhood beyond those who love like us and worship like us and create like us. How can we have a big circle where no-one has to fit in to be included and welcomed. If you have asked yourself this question then you definitely want to listen to this episode. We also talk about Robin Renee's music. Her work has been featured in Curve magazine, The Songwriter's market, on, and many other platforms. Her music crosses gender, color, beliefs, and allows you to feel life and power with every note. Robin Renee also co-hosts "The Leftscape" a podcast dedicated to exploring politics, culture and conversation through a progressive lens.


Podcast: The Leftscape, The Leftscape on Patreon

Facebook: RobinReneeFan

Twitter: @spiritrockssexy

Instagram: @robinreneemusic

Episode 17: Stress Free Festivities

Episode 17: Stress Free Festivities

December 9, 2020

Ep 17: It's holiday time y'all! And as much as we love the holidays they sure do come with stress.  We try to crunch all the joy, all the gifting, all the partying and all of the traditions in about six weeks time and it can be too much on top of still having to work and take care of families. Dr. Stephanie has experienced this year after year until she made some drastic changes to how she decided to show up for the holidays. She has learned how to flow with the festivities and most importantly to be present. Her personal care guide entitled "Stress Free Festivities "Click link for guide is a great resource for anyone who experiences stress during this time because during this episode she breaks down each area of the guide and how to keep them in balance. So, if you want to know how to keep the Social, Physical, Spiritual, Emotional, Mental and Grief in balance to have a stress free holiday season listen to this episode and don't forget to download the guide.

Episode 16: Being a Black Woman in America: thoughts on the justice system

Episode 16: Being a Black Woman in America: thoughts on the justice system

December 2, 2020

Ep 16: In this episode Dr. Stephanie talks to Georgetown law professor Tiffany Jeffers about her about what in means to be a Black women in a system that was never designed to protect people who look like her. She is an Associate Professor of Law, she has worked with police, victims, and witnesses who needed protection. Dr. Stephanie and Tiffany discuss the conflict Tiffany feels as an attorney sworn to uphold the law but at the same time knowing that the law is not designed to uphold her womanhood, her personhood or her livelihood just because she was born a little girl with melanated skin. They talk about VP Elect Kamala Harris and her record as a prosecutor and how Black women are often held to an impossible standard. The conversation lands in such a sweet space of how important self-care is and how our sisterhood is part of our self-care regimen.  The Professor is not only here to school us in this episode but leans into her vulnerability and helps us to do the same.

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