The sistersovercomingandrising’s Podcast

Ep. 41 Transformation: Breaking out of your Personal Prison”

October 6, 2021

In Episode 41 Dr. Stephanie talks to Dr. Marcea Whitaker about breaking out of your personal prison.  Have you ever felt like you were in prison and freedom was on the other side of the bars. Dr. Stephanie is very familiar with this feeling. When confronted with this feeling, she had to ask herself some questions like: Who is my jailer? Who has the keys to unlock my prison? What she and Dr. Whitaker both have discovered is that 99% of the time we hold the keys to our freedom. You may be thinking; no-one voluntarily puts themselves in jail, do they? Of course not, so how do we end up in our own personal prisons. Well this podcast episode answers that question and so many more. So, if you are ready for some transformation you don't want to miss this. As Dr. Whitaker says            " Validation is for parking" We don't need anyone else's validation. We can self-validate. 

Dr. Marcea Burnette Whitaker, MD is a Physician, Life Coach and Founder and CEO of In Full Bloom Health and Life Coaching and Women Ready to Move Academy. After practicing medicine for 25 years and being active in public health, Dr. Whitaker fully appreciates the role the mind plays in life and health. As a Certified Health and Life coach, she helps professional women who feel trapped in their personal prison of life so they can break free and finally live life without limits. Dr. Whitaker is uniquely qualified, drawing from her multiple experiences as a physician, life coach, women’s conference speaker, mother and former Pastor’s wife, to encourage and equip women who are Ready to Move!

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