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Episode 22: Goal setting in Life, Health & the New Year

January 21, 2021

On Episode 22 Dr. Stephanie is joined by the amazing Sheranda Campbell to discuss goal setting, but this isn't your garden variety goal setting, they go deep. Girl, its time to get your goals together! Sheranda has mastered setting goals and lost a whopping 75 lbs in just over a year by setting some powerful goals and following through with action steps. If you have life goals, health goals or New Year's goals, this podcast will leave you with some pearls of wisdom and insight to help you achieve them. 

You may have a goal to be healthy, or you may want wealth. Some want success while others are looking for love. But no matter what your goal is, it's important to plan and prepare. We will touch on all types of goals and what it really takes to stick to them. Sheranda Campbell has a story to tell.  Receiving her Health Certification from the MacDonald Center for Obesity Prevention and Education (Villanova University), this health coach helps her clients set, track, and achieve their health goals. From nutrition to hydration, sleep to exercise, and even mindset - she prepares you for the entire journey. Not to mention that since October 2019, Sheranda has lost about 75 pounds and helped more than 50 families, friends, and referrals work towards their health goals. Find out more about her story, how she serves Jack and Jill, and her journey as a mother

Facebook: Sheranda Campbell

IG: @daughterofthestars

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