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Episode 18: Non-conforming: Do we have to fit in to be included?

December 16, 2020

Episode 18: Dr. Stephanie has a frank conversation about is there enough room at the table for all of our sisters. Her special guest is recording artist, writer activist and long time organizer in the bisexual and polyamory community, Robin Renee. The conversation clarifies some myths about the polyamorous and bisexual communities and explores how we can expand our circle of sisterhood beyond those who love like us and worship like us and create like us. How can we have a big circle where no-one has to fit in to be included and welcomed. If you have asked yourself this question then you definitely want to listen to this episode. We also talk about Robin Renee's music. Her work has been featured in Curve magazine, The Songwriter's market, on, and many other platforms. Her music crosses gender, color, beliefs, and allows you to feel life and power with every note. Robin Renee also co-hosts "The Leftscape" a podcast dedicated to exploring politics, culture and conversation through a progressive lens.


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