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Ep:30: Embracing the Unexpected in Life & Business

March 17, 2021

In Episode 30 Dr. Stephanie talks to her college classmate Valda Coryat, Chief Marketing Officer at Trulieve, about "Embracing the Unexpected in Life & Business." One of the unexpected things that they touch on is Valda's role in the cannabis industry and how she became a cannabis advocate. The conversation covers many unexpected twists and turns in Valda's personal and professional life and some will just make you say, Wow! Val is full of wisdom for those in corporate America and for women just living life on their own terms. One of the wise things she shares is "Say yes to the unexpected. You can’t plan everything. Many of my greatest life moments happened when I embraced the unexpected & walked forward to do something I had never done before. Be bold & have faith in that next step!"   Here are just a few of the leadership pearls that she shares in this episode:   *Stay learning and stay creative (Read!) *Have a board of advisors (coaches and sponsors) *Trust your instincts, “street smarts”, savvy, “gut.” *Listen and learn; watch and observe *How you lose is important !   Valda Received her B.A. from Duke University and MBA from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Business. Ms. Coryat has delivered award winning innovation and consumer inspired multi-media campaigns. She has created profitable brand growth at companies including Colgate-Palmolive, Avon, and Heineken. She previously led the National Mango Board’s Marketing across the consumer, retail, and foodservice verticals. After a long career in New York City, Ms. Coryat now calls Florida home and works as Chief Marketing Officer at Trulieve, a leading Cannabis MSO (multi-state operator)   Podcasts / Interviews/Panels Marketing & Branding Cannabis.  CanEx: Business of Cannabis       November 5, 2020 Careers in Cannabis Podcast     Trichomes                                November 3, 2020 COVID Impact on Emerging Markets  CareerSource Central Florida     October 22, 2020 & Sparkz                                            July 8, 2020 Elevate Your Grind                              CLAB                                                 June 4, 2020 Cannabis Marketing in 2020               Cannabis Marketing Summit           June 3, 2020 FMCC – FL Medical Cannabis Conf.    Leadership Panel                 February 20-21, 2020   CSCF & Sparkz   Elevate Your Grind

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