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Ep 38 Gas-lighting: How Black women are gaslighted by popular media everyday

June 3, 2021

In Episode 38, Dr. Stephanie gets into the topic of gaslighting. It's a term that has been thrown around a lot in the past few years. But, if truth be told, even though we may not have used the word, gaslighting has  been a part of our reality for decades. Ava Montgomery, the Founder and principal consultant for Conscious Media Consulting, LLC, explains how the media in particular has been gaslighting Black women for years. Did you notice that at some point the Heart & Souls were replaced by Vogue, Glamour and other mainstream magazines on our coffee tables?  It has been slow and insidious and many of us didn't realize that the narrative was more and more stereotypical and less about images that we could be proud of. Are we being gaslit? According to the African American Policy Forum, representation of Black women in media is “disproportionately sparse” and when it does happen, it is often a regurgitation of negative stereotypes. A 2012 study on media representation found that young Black girls experienced lowered self-esteem after watching more television Ava Montgomery, the Founder and principal consultant for Conscious Media Consulting, LLC, helps content creators construct accurate media narratives and representations. She knows that some content creators contribute to social injustices through creation and perpetuation of false narratives and misrepresentations. But she is passionate about using the power of conscious content to provide media-justice to social issues. As an author and global speaker, Ava has a well-rounded career of 25+ years in leadership development, community capacity-building, training, and more. She also holds a Master of Arts Degree in Media, Peace, & Conflict Studies from the United Nations University for Peace, an international studies university. Ava Montgomery Founder, Chief Considerations Officer Conscious Media Consulting, LLC Ph. 213-297-7755

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Stephanie Brown, MD, PCC Certified Executive Coach

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