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Ep 35: Don’t Die a Bag lady: Addressing Mindsets

May 1, 2021

On Episode 35, Dr. Stephanie discusses lack mindset vs. abundance mindset with Ebony Walker who is a bestselling author, copywriter, Pastor and speaker.  Erykah Badu brought the issue of emotional baggage to the forefront with her iconic song "Bag Lady" This episode gets into how we can let go of our financial, emotional, physical and mental baggage in order to shift to a more prosperous space and not end up dying a bag lady. Ebony is transparent with her journey through abuse and molestation that could have kept her buried under a heap of baggage but she chose to break free. She shares how she was able to do that with the love and support of God and her husband. In this episode you will learn how to shift your mindset so that you don't die holding unnecessary baggage.

Author & Entrepreneur Ebony M. Walker is the Owner of Walk UpWrite, where she provides a plethora of ghostwriting services, content/copy services, and more. As a multiple best-selling author and speaker, this North Carolina native has a degree in Criminal Justice. However, she later realized her passion is writing and she had to release some baggage in order to walk in her purpose. She's also a wife, a mother, a pastor, and a woman who loves to encourage others. Sunday, she's going to helps us

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