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Ep 34:The Girlfriends House..from dream to reality

April 14, 2021

EP 34: In this episode of S.O.A.R. Dr. Stephanie and Tara E. Godby talk about dreams.  They are not talking about the ones that occur in your brain at night when you're deep asleep, but the ones that are born in your heart when you're wide awake. Sometimes our dreams get deferred by life circumstances, life responsibilities or they get replaced by more practical thoughts as we get older. And sometimes we just forget. Tara had a dream that she held onto for over 20 years through college and a high level corporate career and now it is coming to fruition with her TV show " The Girlfriends House" It looks a little different than when she first imagined it but the essence is still there. She talks about how to keep your dreams alive and her thoughts on "dream stealers" Should we hold our dreams close to the vest to protect them from "dream stealers" ?You will want to listen to this episode to hear what she says because you may be surprised by her response. They also discuss the difference between dreams and fairytales. And of course, some key tips on how to make your dream into reality. I want all my listeners ( SOARers) to comment and let us know what you think.    Tara Godby is the founder and CEO of Elan Life Coaching. She is a certified success coach, personal growth strategist, and Energy Leadership Master Practitioner with over 2 decades of experience. In 2020, Tara began her journey as the host of The Girlfriend’s House, broadcasted on Binge Networks TV. She has a background in people leadership with an emphasis on personal and career development and has operated within both public and private sectors. Tara is a dynamic public speaker, business leader, and philanthropist. ----more----

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