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Ep 33: Wellness Hacks for Busy People with Dr. Oluchi

April 7, 2021

Ep 33: This episode is all about wellness! We can all use some new ways of taking care of ourselves, especially with the busy-ness of life. On this podcast episode, Dr. Stephanie and Dr. Oluchi reunite after more than 10 years to discuss  wellness hacks to help women improve their lives. They start by talking about their definition of wellness. The word wellness gets thrown around so much that it has almost become a buzzword. Are wellness and health the same? They would love to hear your definition after you take a listen to theirs. Dr. Oluchi also shares how wellness affects our relationships. So, if healthy relationships are important to you, you will want to hear what she has to share. Join the conversation and comment on your favorite wellness hacks. 

Dr. Oluchi Immanuel is a board-certified Internal Medicine physician and obesity medicine specialist. She is also a best selling author of the book "Worship & wellness-The -Discovery" She helps women take control of their health, maximize their wealth, and optimize their relationships. She completed her undergrad at Iowa State University, she obtained her medical degree and completed her Internal Medicine residency at the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston (UT-McGovern). Dr. Oluchi is the founder of Fidem Wellness LLC, a wellness company that seeks innovative ways to inspire people to live in their best health. She also offers group coaching programs and personalized consultations. She is also happily married and the mother of three amazing children.   Best-selling Author of Worship & Wellness- The Discovery Dr. Stephanie Brown

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