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Ep 32: Our hair is great..busting myths with Dr. Chesahna Kindred.

April 1, 2021

In Episode 32 Dr. Stephanie and Dr. Kindred talk about all things dealing with Black hair. As an innovative Dermatologist working with cutting edge treatments, Dr. Kindred is in the perfect position to bust myths. If you have ever wondered why your hair won't grow or if rice water is really good for your hair then this is the podcast episode you want to check out. If alopecia is a concern for you, please listen! And by the way, I just want to remind you that your hair is great! Whether its straight, curly, thinning or thick, your hair is great, Sis! That's right, women of color often hear SO much negativity about their hair, skin, and more. But, now is the time to embrace this gift that grows from our scalp. "Our Hair is Great: Busting Myths with Dr. Kindred." is here to help us love the hair we wear and the skin we are in. I learned so much from her and even geeked out a little bit with the technical aspects. I know that all of us will learn from this esteemed, physician, author, business owner, community leader, wife and mother.  Dr. Chesahna Kindred, MD, MBA, FAAD - a woman who you NEED to get to know if you don't know her yet. This wife and mother is a board-certified dermatologist, born in Oakland and raised inSouth Central Los Angeles, is the owner of Kindred Hair & Skin Center in Columbia, Maryland. She is the chair of the Dermatology section at the National Medical Association and serves as an associate professor at Howard University. Dr. Kindred is also the Founder and President of Onyx Medical Society and a leader of the health committee of the African American Roundtable of Howard County. Her knowledge is vast and she is coming to the S.O.A.R. Virtual stage to bust some myths about our hair. Her practice even includes licensed cosmetologists so her patients can have their hair done at the same location, now that's thinking outside of the box! ----more---- ----more----  

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