The sistersovercomingandrising’s Podcast

Ep 31: You’re Beautiful Regardless

March 24, 2021

On episode 31: Dr. Stephanie talks with Kamiah Turmon, owner and CEO of "You're beautiful regardless" Kamiah is 26 years old, a nurse of 9 years and from New York. This young nurse is wise beyond her years and shares her wisdom and life experiences freely during this episode. Having struggled with doubt about her own beauty because of hair, skin color and body shape, she wants to boost the self-esteem of other women so they know unequivocally that they are beautiful just the way God made them. During the conversation, Kamiah talks about all of the wonderfully unexpected things  that have happened in her life as well as some of the painful losses that lead her to create "You're beautiful regardless" She created her first wig for a family member who was diagnosed with cancer and lost her hair. Now the business has grown into so much more, but spreading this message of love and self-worth is still at the center of it all. You're Beautiful Regardless (YBR) is a company whose sole mission is to educate, empower and uplift women and girls to choose their own definition of beauty while connecting them to some other pretty amazing people.  She says: "I want you to remember that no matter how many times you change your looks, no matter how long, short or bald your hair is, no matter the complexion of your skin, what you've been through or where you came from,   You're Beautiful Regardless"    IG: Yourebeautifulregardless

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