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Ep 29: Getting into College during COVID

March 11, 2021

Ep. 29: In this episode Dr. Stephanie and Tamara Baptise , the college application Specialist, talk about getting into college. If you have a teenager or know someone who does then you have probably wondered, worried or been curious about how this whole college thing is working now. Students can't visit college campuses, they can't sit for the SAT and ACT. What is going on? And even outside of the pandemic, getting your kids into college causes a lot of sleepless nights for families. I assure you that Tamara Baptiste has the answers to all of your questions. She certainly put my mind at ease. We even touched on HBCU's. Affectionately known as "Ms. Tamara" to students, she is the Founder & Owner of TCAS (The College Application Specialist). Since 2015, she has guided students into their new collegiate endeavors. A few of the schools her students have been accepted into include: MIT, Cornell, Penn State, Howard, Morehouse, Drexel, Georgia Tech, and many more! As a 2-time Cornell University graduate herself, she utilizes her 20+ years in management to help students identify their options and prepare for success - with as little stress as possible. This wife and advocate for women and young girls shares amazing tips with us The College Application Specialist on Facebook

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