The sistersovercomingandrising’s Podcast

Ep 26: Discovering My Hidden Superpowers in my Weakest Moments

February 18, 2021

In Episode 26, Dr. Stephanie shares the infectious energy and passion of her guest Jacquece Moore with you. Jacquece would definitely not label herself a "Super Mom " but when you hear her story and that of her autistic daughter Jasmine you may beg to differ. By being vulnerable and transparent in her moment of weakness she has inspired a movement and provided support to many other moms with autistic children. If you have ever discovered your own superpowers in the midst of your weakness you will relate and if you are still searching for your superpowers, let us help you find them. There's a saying that goes, "You never know how strong you are until you HAVE to be!" And I can think of no other person who exemplifies this than our next guest - Jacquece Moore. This young lady is a mother and author pursuing her Master's Degree in English-Second Language. But one of her current passions is being an Advocate for Autism. Her daughter, Jasmine, has reignited a passion within and caused her to open up another corridor of her heart and purpose. Ms. Moore created an online community called "LearningwithJasmine" and serves as a Parent Supporter to other parents with beautiful autistic children. Sunday, she will discuss with me "Discovering My Hidden Superpowers in My Weakest Moments."  

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