The sistersovercomingandrising’s Podcast

Ep 19: Blended Beyond Expectation

December 30, 2020

In Episode 19, Dr. Naomi L. Hill-Hugh puts her heart on display as they talk about her new book entitled "Blended Beyond Expectation" This conversation is not just for people who are a part of a blended family but for every woman and man who has experienced, love, pain, loss and grief. The book is on its way to becoming a bestseller and this conversation is healing hearts. Listen in on this intimate chat amongst friends as they share lessons learned on this journey of blended families and how to make it through the valleys. Dr. Naomi L. Hill-Hugh is an anointed woman who earned a Bachelor of Science Degree from Rutgers University - Douglass College in 1989. In 1996, her childhood dream became a reality when she received her Doctor of Medicine Degree from Howard University College of Medicine. Currently, she holds an unrestricted license to practice medicine in the state of New Jersey - and she is living an unrestricted life, ordained by God! To some she is a pediatrician, to others a deaconess. To some, she's mother - and to one, she is a wife on fire. This author and trusted voice is going to discuss the beauty and challenges of blended families.

FB: Naomi L Hill Hugh MD


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